As you know, we have been using you guys for the last 6 months or so on this project. Everything was approved for the rough inspection, then the house was finished and put on the market to sell. At the final inspection, the inspector said an outlet was needed in the kitchen- despite it being approved previously. I even went back to UCity to challenge it and they were unforgiving. I talked to the head guy and everything- he said that sometimes things get missed, and we would have to add the outlet. This made us very stressed because it would be behind a brick wall, and we would have to mess more with the plaster, which can easily damage- you know what I mean.

Well I saw Nick’s truck there yesterday, so I went to go assess the damage after he was done. I ca  me armed with a dust buster and everything else, ready to clean- because we have an open house on Tuesday. When I walked in and saw, I thought I was on candid camera. Nope, there wasn’t even a crack in the wall- nothing! it looks like he just taped an outlet to the wall- my husband even jokingly asked if it would even work, because There was no mess, no damage- nothing for me to do or worry about with the plaster. We have nothing to worry about for our open house- it’s great.

When you use contractors, 50% of the time, it turns out way worse than you expect. We were so pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the case. All the work done by Fielder has been great- first with Joe, then with Nick. They have done great work. Nick is awesome.

Colleen Pim (08/28/15)

The most recent job was to bring wiring in my front room up to code, but Fielder has done work at this residence on several occasions. I consider them trustworthy, proficient, and professional.

James Preston, Jr. (08/06/15)

Bob did an awesome job. He came right in and fixed my issue. I am so pleased and will definitely recommend Fielder.

Barbara Kelly (07/17/15)

Dear Matt:
Thank you for providing an honest assessment of the electrical issues at my parents’ house in Sunset Hills, MO. Mike Reding completed the work on Monday, 6-29. He did a professional job and I very much enjoyed working with him. You have a great group of people working for you.
Thank you for your help, cooperation, and honesty.

Dan Wenk (07/01/15)
His letter to our office can be found here.

Ellery and Andy- a team for sure. What a joy to have them in my home for two days. As a shameless eavesdropper and former teacher, I loved the way Ellery set the stage for Andy to discover better ways to do things. At one point I heard Ellery comment to Andy, “We are not slap dash people. This is not a slap dash company.” My only complaint is that they did such a great job cleaning up their areas, I felt guilty about the rest of the basement. So- now I am doing much needed cleaning- yuk!
Thanks for sending two great guys.

Dana Johnson (06/26/15)
To see the letter, click here.

I want you to know that the service man you sent was one of the best we have ever had for any kind of service call.

Paul K. (06/24/15)

We had Mike Reding out to our house to look at a variety of electrical tasks that had been piling up. Mike showed up on time and was very polite and friendly. He worked quickly but thoroughly, and was happy to answer all of my questions. I am very happy with the service and finished product. Fielder will be my go-to for any future electrical needs.

Rich Thompson, (04/30/15)

I wanted to send a follow-up note to tell Fielder “thanks” for the great job at my house. We were really happy with the results. The electrician who came to our house was a nice guy and he did a great job of cleaning up afterwards.

Mark Luzecky, (04/20/15)

Very pleased with the work . I’m happy with the work Mike did- he knew what he was doing, got it done and I’m good now. I have no qualms about giving name out and will carry one of your business cards in case someone might need some electrical service. I would definitely recommend you guys and have them ask for Mike.

Gil Kleine, (04/06/15)

Fantastic job. Great people from the first call to the completed project. Thanks- will recommend to others.

Greg Fieser, (03/16/15)

I am a repeat customer because I appreciate your professionalism. Mike is a great guy! I will be buying a gut/rehab home and will call back in several months when I am ready for the electric.

Randy Loechner (03/06/15)

I have had Matt and his guys out three times to my house for various projects, including a new electrical box, new can lighting in my house, and running electric to my shed. Every time, you have met or exceeded my expectations. I recommended Fielder to my father, who also used you and is also very pleased.

Randy White (01/28/15)

The job was more complex than expected, but Ellery solved the problem and persevered. He was excellent in clean up, prompt and clear in communication. The lights work great!

Mary Bequette (01/26/15)
(To see our work, click here.)

I wanted to pass along that the electrician that came and completed our work this past Monday was really excellent. He was the best electrician we have ever encountered about cleaning up after himself. Everything was done exactly as we wanted it, and very expeditiously, so please pass this note of thanks along.

Joe Leindecker (01/23/15)

Excellent experience- very good service. Clean, neat, and no problems at all. Would recommend to others because of the good service.

Sue Shrago, (01/20/15)

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the work done at my new home by Fielder Electrical Services.
The service man was courteous, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with. He obviously knew what he was doing and made a potentially troubling experience a much more pleasant one. Fielder’s prices were very competitive, the man very prompt and professional. Finally, he left the job site clean and tidy which was a pleasant surprise, compared to contractors I’ve worked with in the past. I have some additional work I need to have done in the future and I will not have to search for an electrician this time; I’ve found one I can count on in Fielder Electrical Services! Many thanks for a job well done!

Natalie Drew (12/18/14)

I want to thank you for sending electrician Mike Reding to fix our outlets. Such a professional and helpful man. He was very courteous and wasted no time at all to complete the work. We will be sure to call Fielder again next time we have electrical needs. If you ever need a recommendation for other customers, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Tasha Benecke (12/05/14)

Fielder Electrical Services:
I would like to comment on the work done by electrician Mike Reding. I was very pleased with the quality of work he did and also the speed with which it was done. He put in a ceiling light, two bathroom sconces and an electrical outlet within one hour. He was also personable and polite.

Sherlon K. Bradsher (11/21/14)
(To see the letter, click here.)

The man’s name was Mike and he was an excellent electrician. We are very happy with the work he did; he was very efficient. We had your company one other time, and that guy was excellent, too. We will not use anyone else, for sure.

Pam H. (10/14/14)

Dear Matt:
I wanted to pass on to you our extremely favorable opinion of one of your employees, a Mr. Mike Reding.
Mike visited our home today and performed a variety of electrical services for us quickly, efficiently and with good humor. We greatly appreciated his earnestness in keeping our billing time as low as possible, while still performing outstanding service.
My wife and I could not be happier with the work that he did for us. Thank you.

Mark & Laura Vaughan (09/17/14)
(To see the letter, click here.)

I would like to thank you for a job well done. Glen was very professional and explained everything about the LED under cabinet lighting and about the install. The installer Ellery was also very courteous and professional explaining everything he was doing. I couldn’t be happier with the whole process. Thank you and I will definitely recommend Fielder Electrical Services to anyone requesting services.

Jim Malone (07/22/14)
(Click here for before & after photos.)

You all have done many outstanding jobs for me on my commercial buildings that I just had to write and tell you how pleased my tenants and I are with your work. Your people are extremely pleasant to work with, very understanding, and your work is very competitively priced. What more could I ask?!
I was particularly impressed when you straightened out work performed by another contractor to accomplish what we wanted in order to meet our future requirements for that address. Perhaps the other contractor just did not realize what we needed for future operations…
Anyhow, Fielder Electrical Services deserves every opportunity a business owner can pass to them for current and future electrical needs.

Tom Rogers (07/03/14)
Rogers Group L.L.C.

A recommendation I have for you if you have a need for home restorations: I pondered…to find a contractor, I remembered the electrical service that Fielder Electrical Services, Inc. performed for me when we moved to St. Louis in 2004. We purchased a 72 yr. old home in the South Hampton Community. Fielder was recommended to us by a neighbor… I called them and the rest is history. They met their commitment date and even more importantly, performed an excellent job- in the past 10 years, no problems!
(Because of) our upcoming move, I needed to assure that my electrical service to my garage would meet city code. Obviously, I called Fielder. They gave me an appointment date, showed up that day and suffice to say, once again met my expectations and my service is now up to date.

Howard Doty (06/15/14)

I am very thankful for everything Fielder Electrical Services has done for me while we worked through this process. I never imagined it would take this long for me to finish this house but it definitely helped having you guys there even with the work being many months apart and being able to pick up where it left off.
Ryan could not have been more friendly, polite and knowledgeable and I greatly appreciate the time he spent at the house and the information he passed along throughout.
Thank you again for everything. I will be sure to pass along a recommendation to use Fielder any chance I get.

John B. (01/16/14)

Thank you, Fielder Electrical Services, for a great job. Bob was fabulous and thanks for a job well done.

Evelyn Detzel (05/06/13)

Dear Mr. Fielder:

Last week, (October 17) your firm completed the replacement of my old 100 amp fused electric panel with a new 200 amp circuit breaker panel and installed two outside GFI receptacles.
The entire process, from your initial visit to provide the estimate, the scheduling by the lady handling the phone, and the actual work done by your electrician were so skillfully handled that I felt compelled to tell you how pleased I am with your work.
Everyone I had contact with were pleasant and exhibited a “no nonsense” approach to their job.
I was impressed by you, your people, and the completed job.
I will have no reservations about recommending your firm to anyone that I know who is in need of electrical services.

Elmer A. Priddy (10/22/12)
(To  see the letter, click here.)

Dear Matt:
I really appreciate your help and the help that your two employees, Ellery and Chad, have given me…it really was a pleasure talking to you and hearing about how your company was started… I will use your services again.

Harvey J. Schramm (08/13/12)

I have been a Fielder Electrical Services customer for ten years and they have completed indoor, outdoor, as well as difficult and unusual lighting projects for my home. Their service is of the highest quality and their employees are friendly and courteous.

Mimi Carnal (09/24/08)

Dear Matt – I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed working with you and your staff on the Berg project. It’s been refreshing to communicate directly with the owner of the company. When we first met a few months ago, you promised a pleasant experience and that was the case.

I’d also like to compliment Ryan. Not only was he knowledgeable and pleasant to work with, but he was great with my client. I’ve worked with several electrical contractors over the years, and this experience was one of the best.

Take care and I look forward to our next project which is just underway!

Kim Hibbs (09/30/08)
Hibbs Homes, LLC
(To see the letter, click here.)

When my wife and I were designing our custom home, we knew from past experience that the electrical planning and layout would be critical to how the house appeared, as well as how our guests would feel when they walked inside. Having done prior work for us, Fielder Electric was our choice. From planning our lighting with Matt Fielder, to the ideas and installation provided by Moose and Jimmy, we could not be happier.

Matt carefully analyzed our plan and asked us to consider things that we didn’t even know were options. Moose and Jimmy continued this process during the framing and finishing portions of construction by continually bringing ideas to us that would enhance our enjoyment of our new home. The house had a complex electrical plan, but that was never an issue for Fielder Electric.

My wife had selected lighting fixtures from castles in Europe. Matt and his crew jumped in and wired a few of the lights as well as reinforced critical mounting locations in the house.

At the conclusion of construction, the lighting is stunning. Switch locations are well thought out and there is always an outlet nearby when you are looking for one.

Brett Barton (10/06/08)

Matt and all at Fielder Electric:
Just a quick note of thanks to everyone at Fielder for the work you did in my basement. From estimation to completion, everything was done as we had hoped. Thanks for putting up with my questions and delays.
You weren’t the low bid, nor were you the highest. In the end, however, I was very comfortable with your company. Your electricians were friendly, courteous, and did a great job.
I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone else to Fielder Electric. You earned my business.

Jarrod Fish (01/03/05)
(To see the letter, click here.)

Matt, Erin, and Christine:
We would like to express our sincere thanks for being so supportive of us. Your extreme patience and understanding during the Mays/Sidney project was very generous and showed us your kindness and compassion. We could not have gotten through it without your support.
Thank you very, very much.

Paul, Jill, & Debbie (08/17/04)
Creative Contracting Solutions
To see the card, click here.

This is just to let you know that I was very pleased with the work that Walter did on my house yesterday. He was professional, courteous, competent, and worked very hard.
I would certainly use Fielder again.

David L. Bangert (06/02/01)
(To see the letter, click here.)